Trance 5D Music Visualizer & Live Wallpaper 1.35 APK Premium

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Trance 5D Music Visualizer & Live Wallpaper is a Music & Audio android app made by Mobile Visuals that you can install on your android devices an enjoy !
Listen to the latest trance music and enhance the experience with visualizers,
which are specially optimized and enhanced for the deepest trance effect.

This trance visualizer works great with all kinds of trance music such as progressive trance, psychedelic trance and more! 3 different trance visualizers and a Live wallpaper are included. Develop your light body, so you can experience more dimensions and degrees of freedom!


All systems have a certain amount of degrees of freedom. This is their dimensionality, so a 5-dimensional system (5D) has 5 degrees of freedom. The formulas for the patterns come from a course in multidimensional
mathematics at Lund University’s Faculty of Engineering.

Ark of the Covenant

Throughout time, the truth about the Ark of the Covenant has become lost; replaced by speculation. The only way of finding the Ark of the Covenant is to assemble it inside of oneself through spiritual development. This develops your light body, which makes it possible to experience more dimensions, ascend into light beings and travel across the universe. The ancient Gnostics were esoteric
knowledge seekers who sought to reconnect with their higher self, and believed that in their light bodies they could travel in a stargate to the center of the Milky Way galaxy, which they referred to as Sion.


Radio channels included

Choose your favorite music from the 47 trance channels in the app. The music in the radio channels comes from Digital Impulse Radio.

Chromecast support

Watch this music visualizer on your TV with Chromecast! This is perfect for parties or chillout sessions. This app is Google Cast-enabled.

***** Upgrading to full version *****

Works with all music players. You can visualize your own favorite music from any player. 20 themes for the music visualization are included.

Personalize the graphics

Create your own trance visualizer by designing the appearance of the stars and lights. You can choose the backgrounds, the speed and much more.

Interactive Gyroscope

Make the app interactive with the gyroscope. Your view in 5D will change when you tilt or rotate the screen, that is the gyroscopic effect.


Trance 5D Music Visualizer & Live Wallpaper 1.35 APK Premium

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