How To Block ADS from IPhone And Ipad Without Jailbreak 2016


 How to block Ads in Safari and application on iPhone or any iDevice.(iPhone, iPod, iPads) This is how to remove ads in the safari browser. Very easy to follow.

  Step 1 : install this app on your iphone or ipad

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Weblock - AdBlock for apps and websites


Step 2 : open this app and go to setup and copy the link

  step 3: go to settings and i find out wifi settings and go to proxy settings and click the auto tab and paste the url

  step 4 : turn off wifi ,and back to turn on .and open weblock app .

  step 5 : go to filter tab and select all ads server from there.

  step 6 : now you can enjoy your iphone and ipd without ads. still u have any doubts ,kindly watch the following video instrution How to Stop ads from iphone and ipad.

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