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Sunday, October 25, 2015

WhatsApp Plus v6.70 Apk Latest oct 2015

WhatsApp Plus latest apk

WhatsApp Plus Latest 2015

Download WhatsApp PLUS Latest 6.70. More options for Normal WhatsApp. WhatsAppa PLUS has become one of the best and most used unnofficial mods for WhatsApp, allowing users to customize many aspects of the popular instant messaging service with features that the official client doesn't include by default. 
WhatsApp Plus features:
  • Change your colour: We can never change the colours in our WhatsApp but using WhatsApp Plus, we can change the colours of almost every part of the application.
  • Means we can change our background color and Header colour etc. So using WhatsApp Plus you can add more colours to your WhatsApp and enjoy.
  • Extended size of videos: Using WhatsApp we can send videos to our friends with maximum size of 16 MB and we all have die hardly wanted it to extend.
  • WhatsApp Plus is with a video size of 50 MB. So get this version for more video size and enjoy bigger videos.
  • The Status Thing: Using WhatsApp we can not only hide our status and reveal them to people we wish to, but we can also look at our friend’s status just below the chat unlike our WhatsApp in which we had to first click in the contact icon and then see the status. More ease with better WhatsApp!
  • High Quality Images: I hate it when my WhatsApp turns all my HQ images to a complete fuss. But with WhatsApp Plus you have a different Option for high quality images. So your images stay the way they are. Isn’t that great?
  • Exciting New Themes: WhatsApp Plus has included exciting new themes to it. And they are just too many. Alter the entire look of your WhatsApp with WhatsApp Plus. The traditional WhatsApp doesn’t offer themes so this one is a big reason to look for WhatsApp Plus.
  • Bright Fint Colors: Same old monotony of black font color has come to an end with WhatsApp Plus because with new WhatsApp Plus you change the font color in your WhatsApp. Using WhatsApp Plus you can also include different font color to unread message, group messages. This is something really new and fascinating.
  • Location: With WhatsApp Plus you can send your location to your friends.  It would be wonderful when everytime you are somewhere, your friends get you know where?? This is really a new feature I am looking forward to use.
WhatsApp Plus Oct 2015
WhatsApp Plus oct 2015
WhatsApp Plus v6.70 Apk Latest oct 2015 Reviewed by Unknown on October 25, 2015 Rating: 5 WhatsApp Plus Latest 2015 Download  WhatsApp PLUS Latest  6.70. More options for Normal WhatsApp. WhatsAppa PLUS has become one of the best ...

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