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How To Get Two WhatsApp In One Device Using Disa

Step 2: Open the apps, then you have to agree on the terms and condition
Step 3: Now under the service tab you will see “Add Service” option. Just minimize this app
Step 4: Open your default phone browser, and open this link
Step 5: Just tap on the QR code
Step 6: Tapping on QR code Disa Messenger will open, and you will see Downloading WhatsApp like this
Step 7: After complete download that hit on restart
Step 8: Now you need to configure WhatsApp, Just click on “WhatsApp Settings Needed”
Step 9: Now just enter your WhatsApp details that you want to create
Step 10: Now you need to verify your WhatsApp via SMS, just do all these stuffs. Now you can access WhatsApp via Disa like this
So now you have two WhatsApp in your phone, one is official WhatsApp and another is Disa WhatsApp. But there are some limitation in Disa, like you can’t make WhatsApp call via Disa and you can’t renew your WhatsApp validity. To renew you have to use the Official WhatsApp. But Disa is a nice way to have two WhatsApp in a single Phone. Beside WhatsApp you can access FB messenger using Disa Unified Messeger. Hope you guys will be happy who failed to use OGWhatsApp or ENWhatsApp for dual WhatsApp account in a single phone.

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