Hide pictures with LockMyPix v2.8.4 APK

Hide pictures with LockMyPix

Hide pictures with LockMyPix v2.8.4 APKs.Encrypt your pictures and videos with the proven military-grade AES encryption algorithm. Lean back and enjoy - No one will be able to see your secrets!Hide pictures and videos with LockMyPix is the easiest way to gain full control of who sees what. Your public gallery remains available to your friends, family and coworkers. But your secrets are protected in your private vault.

Take the full control over your privacy! LockMyPix does not just hide pictures & videos like others do. It uses real encryption.
No matter who will take a peek - there's no way without your private PIN ✔

Like TrueCrypt® LockMyPix (LMP) uses the AES encryption algorithm used by government, military & banks worldwide. We use this proven standard now to hide your images and videos.

  • ► LockMyPix is the best app to protect your photos and videos:
    → AES encryption algorithm
    → Login with pin or pattern to your vault
    → Hide + encrypt and secure unlimited photos
    → Hide + encrypt and secure unlimited videos
    → Hide the app and make LockMyPix invisible for others
    → Create encrypted backups
    → Use the Fake-Login feature for "special cases"
    → Always ready and available
    → Useable without internet connection

★ Integrated premium features
Fake-Login: Enhance your security. LockMyPix protects you against people who will force you to open your encrypted images or movies. Use the Fake-PIN feature that opens a fake LockMyPix account where you can place other pictures / movies. Nobody knows that you have a another LockMyPix PIN.

Hide the app: Hide the app icon. LockMyPix will look like another app and only you know the secret.

True Encryption: Unlike other apps LockMyPix encrypts your private photos and videos. Your hidden images and videos are not only hidden, but safe & genuine encrypted with the AES encryption standard. That ensures that no one can get to your private files. No tricks possible.
** Whats the difference to similar apps **
Unlike other apps pictures and videos will be hidden, but also encrypted with AES. Thus there is no possibility for people to gain access to your protected images and videos. No tricks possible - for a true security.

 ** Is there also a free LockMyPix version **

We work daily on LockMyPix and run many hundred tests to bring you a safe environment for your images & movies. With every update we are adding new useful feautures. The app is not free, instead it costs just a small fee - once. All updates will remain free.** Where are the encrypted images stored **
Superfeature: LockMyPix gives you the opportunity to select the SD-Card to save your private files (device support is constantly expanding)Safe your pictures, movies, videos & vids in vault with true


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